Sindicato Sonico !

upcoming SHOWS

14.06.24 - Atlas op het plein - Antwerp

11.07.24 - Zomerpodia - Zwijndrecht

03.08.24 - Fonnefeesten - Lokeren

28.09.24 - Djingel Djangel Antwerp

More to be announced...

Sindicato Sonico

is an explosive cross-over ( mestizo) band based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Originally started by ​​Roman Santos in Mexico, in 2005 the band came to life when he had the opportunity to study at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and to meet talented musicians who shared his ideas for creating and combining musical styles, forming a longtime bond to have magical musical adventures.

The different cultures, flavours, traditions and influences of the band members (from Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, Chile, Spain and Belgium) make a great combination: using elements of funk, ska, reggae, merengue, rock and roll, salsa, hiphop and a delicate touch of punk in their original songs and in this way they have chosen not to stay in a single musical genre,  they like to describe their music as “mestizo funk ’n roll”. 

Led by their energetic frontman Rockman Santos, they have made the crowd dance at festivals in Belgium, The Netherlands and France, including Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole, PaasPop, Zwarte Cross, Mano Mundo, Afro Latino and many others.

After two full albums and one EP, they are currently working on a third LP production.

In short, this is a band that guarantees a spectacular show of rhythm and movement with an excellent atmosphere for the audience to dance and enjoy!